Online Marketing Services

Small Business Online Marketing Services

EW TechNerd offers real world small business and marketing knowledge coupled with advanced social media and online marketing expertise that fit entrepreneurs needs. This unique blend of skills and experience allows us to help you create the strong online marketing presence you desire for your small business to grow. We pride ourselves on working with entrepreneurial clients in the fashion they most prefer. From providing you with training or a written social strategy for you to implement yourself, to working alongside you in a coaching or consulting capacity, to completely handling your social media, online marketing, or business blogging for you, we easily adapt our services and how we work to fit your unique needs.

We train you and your team on how to plan, execute, and manage your own social media in-house, including content creation and curation, content planning, proper engagement and interaction techniques, and platform best practices.

We act as your brand, posting, engaging and building your social media presence for you.

We partner with you for an intensive 30-day social media audit and training process.

A 60-minute client-guided call to help you find the best answers for your specific business needs. This is your time to spend as you see fit and can be used to discuss any social media topic you have questions about.

Some of our clients simply need an occasional check-in to have current questions answered or solidify their plans for the next steps of their online marketing plan. You can “pay as you go”, setting consulting calls on an as-needed basis.

Wondering what you should post to your social media profiles? At what time and on what days? Where to source non-promotional content? And why no one is engaging with what you do post? Developing a proper content strategy is critical and a great content plan is something you can repeat over and over in the future.

We develop you an advertising strategy, setup, target, monitor and manage your Facebook ads for you. Priced by ad campaign or unlimited monthly ads management.

Like with all our other services, we are happy to train you how to these online marketing tasks yourself. Facebook ads training covers Ads Manager and the blue Boost button, custom audiences, writing ad copy and selecting the right image, audience research and targeting, and choosing the right ad type for your goal. Facebook ads training typically lasts 60-90 minutes.

Do you run your own ads and are wondering if they are performing as well as they could be? Or perhaps you’ve felt like the few campaigns you’ve done were total flops? Let us review your ad history and provide feedback on what to change to improve their outcomes.

Small Business Online Marketing

We develop a custom integrated marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business, industry, needs, and online marketing tools. In order to make the most of your online efforts, you need to make sure your website, blog posts, social media activity, Facebook ads, and email marketing are working in a coordinated manner, and integrated with all offline marketing and advertising activity, too.

Don’t guess on how you are doing and how you look to customers and potential customers when they find you online! Hire an online marketing professional to assess your online presence for you.

Your website is the online home base for your small business. Decisions made regarding your home base can lead to much success or disappointment in your online marketing success. Make sure you have someone who understands consumer behavior, online marketing, SEO and your long term goals weighing in with suggestions during the website design phase.

We’ve helped launched many small businesses. We can help you decide what to do, when to do it, and how to make all the pieces work together for maximum launch success.

Small Business Writing Services

Do you want to blog for your small business but feel you don’t have the time (or the writing chops)? No problem! We can write your blog posts for you. You can choose the blog topics (or we can send you topics to choose from). All business blogging includes blog post SEO.

This writing service is perfect for the small business owner having a brand new website built, in need of adding a new page or two to their current website, or needing a complete revamp of their existing website content.

Perhaps your current website copy needs some freshening up or to reflect some changes to your business strategy. Or maybe you want to optimize your existing website copy for search engines. We can edit and optimize the website copy you already have.

We have worked in many of the common email newsletter services, and can assist you in designing, writing, and publishing your small business’ email newsletters.